Branchville, SC
South Carolina (Southern) Railroad Depot (Ca. 1877)

Note: A tornado hit Branchville in March of 2008, destroying much of the historic downtown district. The Southern Depots were not damaged.

The Branchville Station stands at what was the first place a rail split from another rail in the world. Branchville stands where the South Carolina Canal and Railway Company's mainline split to Columbia along the Charleston to Hamburg line. The Branchville restaurant has served several presidents in its years. There is only one track beside the station now the split is silent now. The depot was almost destroyed in the mid-1990's by a fire from the restaurant. The citizens of Branchville saved their historic station which housed a railroad museum and as of 2000 it is open once again to the public.

Photo by Bruce Roberts
Next to the old passenger station is an old freight station

Southern Railroad Freight Depot (c. 1911)